Saturday, 23 November 2013

Change is the Only Constant thing.

Have you heard people ranting and whining about how everything has changed around them? how times have changed and how people have changed? well that happens on a very frequent basis. thus my title is justified. Change is actually the only constant thing in the world.

But when will the change in humanity come. In fact let me frame it this way, when will we stop speaking and do something? When will we stop questioning and start coming up with solutions? Well it is never too late for anything.
 Given the circumstances, everyday we do read in the newspaper or hear in the news about some rape or molestation or any other sexual abuse and what do we do about that? we feel bad for a fraction of second, maybe even have an hour long discussion on it with someone or the other or even share the news on facebook and caption it as "what a shame!". But that is all. When i read posts across twitter and facebook on how rapists in other countries are not given even a second thought, forget second chances, i wonder why is  it only in our country that a juvenile escapes punishment because he is too young to be punished but on the ironical path, he can go and rape a woman without any mind. I mean, equality stands in our rights, so let it be equal. According to me, all rapists should be hung when caught. well i am calling them by that term because they are worse than criminals, criminals repent, they don't know mercy so repentance is out of their dictionary.

I may sound like some amateur talking about making laws and bringing a change. Something I will agree and not be a hypocrite about, I do not have that much capabilities to make the change but if i can be a part of it, I will not back out. The change needs to happen, the revolution needs to occur, the justice needs to be given. Let us stand up for the women who can't raise their voice, but we can. We can let the world know that our country does give justice to women and this can only be possible if we bend the laws, script the new law of punishing the ones who made the women suffer.

The spark is within us, all we need to do is make it a fire, big enough to spread the word and not let any more of us suffer. We shall let those individuals know that harassing women, molesting them and not letting them live a life can take their lives away for ever.

Dry and Faded.

It is very easy to let it all out and just keep crying, whining and cribbing about something. But when it comes to some emotions which you know there is no use even if you let it all out. It just gets accumulated within and you become so closed to it that you don’t know what any of the feelings feel like. May be once in a while you might sit in some corner and cry out , tears trickling down your eyes, and quickly rub it all off when you know someone around you is watching you. This exactly how you become with all emotions. People who have had all the happiness in life and suddenly have everything taken away from them and left with nothing, they become very careful about the little bit of happiness they gain from anything. These kind of people loose attachment from everything and anything. They no longer know the feeling of seeing someone after so long or being at home after months or even the feeling of waiting for someone. I feel sad for such people. They used to be maybe a person of out bursting emotions and finding happiness in little things. Now it is all about straight faces, stagnant emotions and dry tears. Nothing can ever make them happy except for what they have lost on the way. The fear of losing everything is the greatest fear in the world. They don’t expect anything from anyone anymore.

The funny part being, people around this particular person will feel as if everything is all right and nothing was ever wrong. But little do they know that behind every smile and laughter there is a shallow side. If they hurt someone intentionally or even unintentionally, they won’t feel the slightest tinge of regret or guilt or will even have the urge to apologize. And that is exactly how people will start drifting from the individual. Such people like being alone rather than being lonely. They believe in just themselves and nothing else. They have got no strings attached and have completely rigged of every wire of connection they ever had with any kind of emotion.

So if you ever happen to feel you have such people around you, don’t sympathize with them nor should you expect any sympathies out of them- Because they are probably stuck at a point of time of their life which they haven’t yet gotten over. Give them their space and time. someday time will heal them, and someday they will heal the time.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Love never dies, it just gets lost!

It is at the end of the day all about emotions and feelings. Love is peculiar in its own way. It makes some people strong and some people weak. For me it does the work for both. I have learnt over the years that love is not something that you give up on so easily. It requires patience, understanding and most of all trust. Deep thoughts and blurting out emotions are not going to be the only thing I am going to talk about here.
 Maturing over the years, understanding what exactly it is to be in love or rather falling in love. It is not some kind of obsession or infatuation. It is just a simple feeling where you know that there is that one person whom you want to celebrate your success with and cry to when something bad hits. Love defines a relationship. Building it on that one sole factor- If that’s not there then there is no point of calling it a relationship. Well I am very much in love and there is nothing bad in it. I love the idea of being in love. Makes you smile every now and then when you think about that person or just makes you go all romantic and makes you do all kind of gestures to show the love. The person I love is far away from me but that doesn’t make my love stop from growing.

“We have been through the best and the worst, through laughter and cry, through summers and winters, but never let that shake the foundation.”

 Believing in love is more important than anything else. I believe everything has its crests and troughs. Living in the present is equally important because we never know what is in store for us in the next moment. Being together is not what defines love. Love is defined by being happy in your beloved’s happiness. Love is selfless and it doesn’t demand or deceive, neither does it die or disappear. It just gets lost among the rest of the elements of emotions. It is time’s one way of indicating that life is hard and we need to find our way out of it.
So next time you feel love is bullshit and there is no point of being in love, think over it and find that one reason that had kept you till now in that pit of love. If you still do not find that reason then it’s better to come out of it rather than die in it.

To Him,

We’ve grown together in so many ways. I’ve learnt so many things from you and I hope you’ve learned from me too. I’ve tried, you’ve tried. I’ve sulked, you’ve sulked. We both agreed, disagreed, stormed and relented. We have made some of the best decisions and made few blunders too. It’s been an ongoing process of adapting, understanding, accepting, caring and loving. But at the end of all this, we have been together. You were there throughout everything I have ever been through. And if you haven’t been there then I blame time and not you. Life always doesn’t work in our favor. And sometimes it didn’t work out for us. But one thing that was there all this while was us. 
We’ve traveled quite a distance together and there’s still a long way to go. Everyday there is something new to face with a new dawn. Distance in kilometers is never the barrier, in fact distance in the relationship is. No matter how far two people are from each other, if trust and love exists, the kilometers milestone doesn't stand a chance to destroy anything.

From Her.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Prioritize the right

What are priorities?

“It’s not enough to be busy; so are the ants. The question is: what are we busy about?”
~Henry David Thoreau

I am a third year college student pursuing my engineering degree and every day I am piled up with endless number of assignments. I never seem to reach the end of the pile and can never take a sigh of relief. But in spite of how much ever busy I get, I don’t forget to give a call to my mom, now the duration is sometimes a 5 second one or a five minutes. It doesn’t matter how long it is, it’s what you do. Things which matter the most should never be at the mercy of the least.

So again I come to the same question, what are priorities? Well, in simple words, priority is just the expression of importance through actions and not just through thoughts. Honestly we are never too busy for anything or anyone whom we love. I love writing and I look for the smallest escape from my packed routine to write few words, pen down some thoughts and feel happy. I have seen my father put family before his work sometimes just to see us jolly. So yes, you have never enough reasons to say no to yourself from doing something you love.

The major problem we all have is that we prioritize things that are urgent the most and not enough on the things that are important and will last through forever. There are a lot of factors that shape our priorities in our daily lives. It is what we put at stake and what we leave behind.

Talking about priorities, while I am writing this, I have a lab record to complete and two assignments due and they are kept right in front of me haunting me but I chose to write because this is what I love and this is what will keep me happy. Those assignments can wait and well I can spend an extra few hours on them but this is like something which I want to do, so I am doing it. My very close friend has her birthday right in the middle of our semester finals but we somehow manage to take out few hours to make it special and a happy day for her because that’s kind of our priority at that point.

the friend i was talking about :P

So next time you feel you are doing everything right, look back at the timeline and see the things you have missed and the times you have disappointed people. Give your loved ones sixty seconds calls or give yourself the pleasure of the time to spend on what you love. Go take a trip to the bookstore or sit by the beach reminiscing memories or maybe surprise the people who have been waiting for you since forever. 

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Journeys on the page.

Journeys are some hell of a life changer. I mean sometimes you just look out of the window and think about good times, bad times, decisions you have made before and how it has affected you and etc. well those thoughts are necessary once in a while. I love traveling alone, it’s like you don’t have to bother about who is going ahead of you or worry about if someone is left behind. Feels good to be alone and stress free. Recently I was travelling from Chennai to vellore, though just a 2 hour journey but one hell of a journey. Endless roads and strangers around, I didn't want the journey to end. Though there were the minus points of the uncomfortable seats and some perverted assholes but I really can’t help us situations. How do I deal with if you ask, I ignore and get lost in my thoughts to where I paused.

haze through the raindrops
I have always been a traveler. My father is in sales and he well keeps getting posted at different places. Every time he would be assigned a new city, I would also have to move along because I had no other choice. I have friends literally everywhere possible. I mean the number of school I have changed and the number of people I have known just go countless. And I would never hesitate to the shifting part because every time it was like a new adventure and I have no clue what’s next. There have been times where I have rejoined a school after a period of three years and it felt so good to reunite with those people whom I thought I would never meet them ever. This flame of hope in me never dies. I did most of my schooling in Notre Dame Academy, Patna and I am glad I did because what I am today, there is that school, the friends, my teachers who have given me chances to become the perfect person.

Something I have realized and maybe all of you would have by now, every person whom you have met throughout your life till date, have been responsible for the kind of person you are today. All these from a journey, you must be wondering how? Because it’s a very clich├ęd life-quote about how life an endless journey and we make our own destinations. And that’s true to every bit. A lot of my acquaintances have concluded that this female is too much of philosophy. I won’t say anything to that because it’s their opinion and I am no one to say anything to that.

I have always found happiness in the tiniest of things. When I was young, say 6 or 7, I loved train journeys for a reason that I get the window seat and I can look outside and make up stories in my mind and look through the plush green fields, those dry rivers and the high bridges making me feel good. Every time it was new and different. I love traveling in trains now too and my reasons haven’t changed. These journeys somehow give me that time which I need, away from everything and everyone. If you are laughing no one to bother you asking why you laughing aimlessly or even if tears are trickling down your cheeks, there is no one to ask you what happened and why are you crying. That’s something you need sometimes. Let it go and you will feel better, because no one wants to know the reason behind your every activity. 

Well journeys are always a good experience for me till the time it's just me. Not that i mind company but then again priority is always alone. Next time you go somewhere, traveling to some place, try letting everything go and don't give a shit about anything. 

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Tweet, retweet or favorite yet?

It’s exam time yet again, so what? I should be surrounded with books and notes around me and with my glasses on I should be struggling to get things into my head and try to finish the portion, but here I am writing a blog post. This because, I deserve it! Now there is no TV around me that I go relax on the couch and shuffle through the channels, so I have my laptop and my blog to cheer me up in the times of such distress. Oh, how much I miss home, how every time I would be tired of the book in front of me, I would just casually walk towards the kitchen, open the refrigerator door and glance through the items in it and then close it and do absolutely nothing. And I know it’s not just me who does this, everyone of you has done it once at least.. And when I find nothing, time for the ultimate rescue, Mom! Drag her all the way to the kitchen to make me something delicious and more interesting than those stacks of books to which I have to return to. Damn, I miss those times.

Sometimes I just wonder, why does everything have its different sets of pros and cons? So since there is no mom and no kitchen and no TV, I rely on twitter for a change in the monotonous mood. Twitter is just like that live newspaper where it’s not just about the serious plots and issues, it’s also about how people have the talent to find humor in everything possible on earth. And FYI, hash-tags are just meant for twitter, so If you trying to be cool on facebook using a hash-tag, I term you as not so cool! 

After I joined twitter, actually let me be precise, after I became completely active on twitter I realized there are not just stereotyped two kinds of people in this world, there are more than you can think of. The grammar Nazis are the best ones, they just cannot tolerate even a single mistake in English language. It’s like their job till death to bring perfection in English language. Then there are those who can make you definitely smile or even laugh at their tweets, it’s an incredible talent I feel. To make someone cry is nothing but make someone laugh is an art. Then there are those who just have to make you feel their presence by cracking their ridiculously so called lame jokes. They assume it to be funny themselves but then yet again, let the truth be hidden.

Some of my friends twitter complicated, but I say it’s hell easier than facebook. Twitter is fast, simple and to the point. The 140 character limit per tweet is one of the plus points, stops you from yapping too much. You might even find people matching your wavelength and you will turn out be great twitter pals once you click with them. Post joining twitter, you might find the celeb accounts. Follow them if you really want to stay put with their regular life. Also, I have got half of my Vodafone problems solved through twitter, believe it or not! They are fast and reply to you immediately. And last but not the least, there are the universal creeps who have hijacked every social networking site with their gay, “hi”, “hello”, “follow me”, blah blah crap. They are hell bored in life I assume. Now comes the best part of this site, the handle. Unique handles are something that is an attention seeker. I have so many which I love. If you are on twitter, follow them, they are my favorites:

Trust me you will have an insane time. Your timeline will be kickass and you will never get bored if you are in a lecture, meeting or in a journey. So what you waiting for, join twitter and leave liking, commenting behind. It’s time for some retweets, favorites and following! 

Oh yeah, follow me too, :P <-- publicity

Now I will be back to my monotonously boring textbooks. L oh how much I hate exams! 

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

About something and everything

Writing is not just being always being perfect, you should write when you want to let your heart out. That's why people maintain journals and diaries and also regular blogs. I am glad i am into something like this because if you don't have the stage to yourself then you have the pen.Let the ink start flowing and beauty is on its way fellows. I don't get to do my favorite thing now a days because of my hectic and monotonous college life. Exams, assignments,projects and reviews are draining me out completely and keeping me away from my favorites....

Writing often makes you more open about yourself and easier to express. I love writing because of this bloody reason. I write about anything on my mind. It's like painting my thoughts on a paper with ink. My few close ones are also into writing and they are brilliant in their own ways. Everyone has a different style of doing things, it might bring an applause or a criticism. And if writers write about something in their subsequent publishing, they are stereotyped. But little do we know that there is always an undiscovered side of every one which has the capability to do wonders. 

With the change in times i am glad, English is being saved from murder. If you would have noticed, people have started to come back to taking the time and patience to use complete words and punctuation in their texts, emails and comments. I am glad i don't see the often use of the absurd abbreviations and short forms,not that i never used it but hey everyone has that period of time where you follow the trend and so did i. Hey but all the twitter users are legally permitted by the grammar Nazis because of the 140 character limit. Twitter reminds me, it's a lot more interesting than facebook. You would get rid of those annoying app requests, weird shares and the rest of your individual facebook woes.
On the other hand twitter is the place where you read awesome tweets and in facebook language you can update your status as frequently you want to without having the fear of being judged and being questioned. So go ahead, get started on some tweeting. And if you tweet something sentimental and emotional, you are the emo, forever alone who is on twitter more than other places...But emotions and love have no definition, its underrated for some because it is packaged with its own kicks sometimes causing people trouble in paradise and sometimes a road to the dream world. And for the rest its overrated, they say its too vague to get serious about...For some love is like the fading colors and for some its the permanent ink stain...

I have been taught to experiment everything in life, so that later i don't get a chance to regret about not trying and letting myself out in the world to live it. It's up to us to what we get addicted to. The pit is right in front of us, if you are the foolish one you would walk straight into it without any second thoughts but the clever one will think and find a way out to cross it without being in it. You must be wondering what is my post actually on, to be honest its on nothing particular..I wanted to write everything that's on my mind pretty much and well it's out here.My mind everyday is like that busy housewife who has to do every chore of the house regardless of anything she wants to do for herself...Everyday when i wake up, its not like those TV commercials or movies in which they show the bright sunshine and the arm stretch, but mine starts with the "oh crap, i have so much work today" expression. Living life is not easy but then again we need to find our own way into the paradise and keep the trouble out of it.Life shoots the truth sometimes like a bullet shot underwater, you will feel the pain but no one ever knows about it. Funny but true at the set of the sun. 

Learn from your everyday, live life everyday, love the beloveds enough, punch the suckers who are a torture and appreciate the ones that tolerate you, odds might be that you just might be lucky..If nothing reaches to better, bring the better now don't troll on that line. Complications are something we create and simplicity we destroy. If today wasn't a good day, tomorrow or maybe day after might be...
but the good day will come for sure and the smile on your face will please everyone including you. Look at the deviation, i started with how much i love writing and ended writing a crappy and useless but i think a bit useful piece. Add some colors to your life and throw away the black stuff from it..write, play, enjoy and dream. Oh, by the way someone always corrects me whenever i say black is a color and according to that someone black is the absence of color and after so many corrections i have accepted it completely though it's still my favorite whatever.